The Truth

The reason for this blog is to talk about politics in a neutral space where anything and everything is news, but where everyone is encouraged to think and analyse what they read on their own terms.

Newspapers dominate the space of politics today and we see less blogs discussing these topics. Perhaps because it is less ‘sexy’ than writing about what you ate for dinner last night, or how amazing you and your partner look at a beach in the Maldives, and I understand that too, but politics is more than just an old man smoking a cigar and reading an ancient book about democracy. There is so much more to discuss apart from governments and politicians, but most people choose to focus on such party politics.

At the same time, young people are too busy focusing on trends and photos to take some time and reflect upon the world we live in and the forces that that govern us. Don’t get me wrong, Netflix and chill is probably the best thing ever invented, but beyond that lies the reality of a world that can’t wait to hear from people like us; people that have something to say about the world we live in and people that seek to understand it better.

I am not going to lie, this blog is undoubtedly about politics and some readers will find it useless, but it is also about knowledge and self-reflection, because that old man reading a book about democracy might not be around for long, but we will. It is therefore time we think about what world we want to live in for the rest of our lives and what world we want to leave behind.